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Therapy can help.

Feeling unmotivated or overwhelmed? Are you frustrated with your partner? Is parenting harder than you expected and you never have time for yourself?

Meet Alison Zummo

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I am a down-to-earth, compassionate, and non-judgmental person.  I have a genuine interest in helping you find greater happiness in a manner that works best for you.  My goal is to help you feel comfortable and supported, while becoming more aware of your thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs.  I have been described as being "easy to talk to" and "real."


Educational and Professional Background


I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology (1997) and my Master's in Social Work (2000) from California State, University Long Beach.  After completing 3,200 hours of internship and passing two state-required exams, I became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).


I am also certifed as a Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider.  I believe that food, exercise, and stress greatly affect your physical and mental health. 


Before starting private practice, I worked part-time at Axis Behavioral Health as a Clinical Supervisor, supervising interns who were working toward acquiring their hours toward licensure, and as a Mental Health Therapist. I worked with a variety of clients ranging in age, ethnicity, and diagnosis.  I frequently helped those struggling with issues such as depression, anxiety, panic, trauma, relationship issues including domestic violence, parenting, and mood instabilities.  I worked at Axis for over five years and thoroughly enjoyed it. As part of an agency, I had the opportunity to work alongside and collaborate with physicians, psychologists, and substance abuse counselors. 


Prior to working at Axis, I worked at the East Bay Agency for Children for eight years.  There I provided therapy to youth and their families, most often at a school site.  I worked with those who were having challenges with AD(H)D, opposition and defiance, trauma, and social relationships.

Meet Alison
Why Choose Therapy

Why Choose Therapy?

I am non-judgmental, down-to-earth, honest, and compassionate. I offer a comfortable and safe environment, and a genuine interest in understanding your experiences. With more than 20 years of experience working with individuals, couples, and families, I can help you achieve your goals.


I work with a variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, postpartum depression, relational difficulties, parenting, and anger management. I also have experience working with individuals ranging in age and ethnicity.


I am also certified as a Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider.  I believe that food, exercise, and stress greatly affect your medical and mental health. 


In order to achieve your goals in therapy, it is imperative that you find a therapist that is a good match for you. I offer a FREE 15 minute phone consultation, or you can set up an appointment with me and just get started.   


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Relationship Issues
Parenting & Co-Parenting
Trauma & PTSD
Domestic Abuse & Violence
Mood Instabilities
Family Conflict & Divorce
Nutrition & Exercise
CMHIMP Certified
Coping Skills
Postpartum Struggles

Payments and Fees

Payment & Fees

My fee is $175 per session. Sessions last 50 minutes. 

I accept cash, checks, and credit cards. 


There are advantages of paying directly for therapy services, rather than through your insurance:

*There is no compromise of your confidentiality by sharing of information with your insurance company.

Your insurance records do not include information of your receiving mental health services.  

*There is no need for me to label you with a diagnosis to justify to your insurer that you are in need of services. 

*All decisions about the focus, frequency, and duration of therapy are made by you and me, not by the insurance company.

I am happy to provide you with a Superbill that you could submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement, if you would like.  

Contact Me

Thank you for visiting my website. Please contact me to set up an appointment or FREE phone consultation. 


925 - 579 - 4707


1062 Murrieta Blvd.

Livermore, CA 94550

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